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Chris Schuler Quartz Castle

Quartz Castle Stab Carb Cap


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Made by Chris Schuler, the creator of the Quartzcastle, we now have Quartzcastle Carb Caps! And this special unit has a pointed end perfect for shatter. This carb cap is large enough to fit a traditional banger or the new deep dish Quartz Castle domeless nail.

Carb caps are the perfect accessory for your domeless nail allowing you to take lower temperature dabs for the best effects and optimal flavor. By covering the nail it's combining both conduction and convection style heating, allowing your concentrate to be spread out and vaped evenly.

Available for both small and large quartzcastles.

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Kudos Schuler, 9th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P

Dont get me wrong i really liked the first design for the Quartz Castle Carb cap, but this one trumps it x10. Its now got a dabbing end instead of the dull bauble on the other one. The carb on it and holes are slightly larger which facilitates more control with the airflow. My fav part though is i can use these with standard bangers.

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