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Remix Coiless Vape Pen


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The future is final here with #thisthingrips Remix coiless vape pen!

Double wall thermal cup with no coils! Customized and tested direct quad airflow system. Pen cap discreet design and look.

It's finally here! The remix is the latest creation from the labs of #thisthingrips aka SToK. Each pen unit comes with a custom tuned battery and solid coiless thermal cup for the most amazing vape pen on the market. The other guys are still charging over $100 for a rapper sponsored 2014 technology pen. #thisthingrips is setting the vape industry technological leaps and all their pens are under $100.

Complete kit comes with:
- Mouthpiece
- Polycarbonate Chamber
- 2 Thermal Cup Atomizers
- 6500 Micro Amp Battery
- Discreet Pen Cap
- Quick Charge USB
- Silicone Storage Jar
- Mixing Tool
- 2 Cleaning Wipes
- Instructions

As with all vape pens it is recommended to never leave on a charger. 4 hours is optimal charging time.

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Flavor savor, 24th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Nicole C

I've never gotten the amount of flavor out of my oil with a pen like this one. Nice lower temp smaller hits packed with flavor. Digging it! Definitely my favorite pen for turpines.

Flavor for Days, 9th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P.

Only bought this because of the weird coil (or coiless) design. Really glad i did as its been one of the most unique pens Ive ever owned. Not completely sure how it works but it seems there is a rod of ceramic at the bottom that slowly heats up. The two main benefits Ive found of this is that I get great flavor expression of my dabs and it conserves a lot of my oil. I seem to be going through oil in it twice as long as other pens Ive owned. Best flavor Ive had in a dab pen.

Heavy vapor flow!, 23rd Feb 2017

Reviewer: Xavier S.

This vape pen is A-mazing!! I bought it yesterday and its a whole new vaping experience. For starters they added these two grommets around the coil so the heat doesn't get too hot for my hand. The air flow is great for how hot the coil gets and i get so much vapor due to the coils heating up the entire chamber a little oil goes a long way for me! very great vape pen.

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