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Rope Sandal Camel Size 34


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Women's Size 4-4.5
These Rope Sandals Are Awesome. Our Customers Rave About The Comfort And Durability! They Are Machine Washable And Last Forever.

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Try them on, seriously., 25th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Aaron J.

A pair was calling my name on a hot day, my perfect fit - the breeze on my toes afterward alone was worth it.

I can't wait to wear them to the river. Well, in the river really.

Call them my Romans, 26th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Aaron P.

Received these as a gift and dear lord are they amazing. When i got them i thought they were cool because oh rope sandals. Slipped them on and they were the most comfortable sandals Ive ever worn. My biggest concern was how well they would hold up but i got them last Christmas, so 10 months now, and the bottoms are barely becoming frayed, which astounds me because im rough as hell with them walking on concrete and out in the woods. Def buying another pair as soon as i trash these which could be awhile lol.

LOVE THESE!, 20th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Raechel G

I absolutely love these hemp rope sandals, they are prefect for the beach, lake or everyday wear. Mine have conformed to my feet just like memory foam, and they are soooo comfortable. Perfect festival sandals, as they are comfy for hours of dancing!

Rae G

Summer comfort, 17th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Xavier S

These are my favorite. Really comforting to the feet. I wear them whenever the sun is shining.

How are these so soft?!, 30th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Aric F

I was expecting them to be abrasive but they're like a walking foot massage. they're just so comfortable!

My favorite shoes!, 7th May 2014

Reviewer: Nicole B

I have two pairs of these now and I can't stop wearing them! They're the most comfortable sandals I've owned. I love that I can wear them in the water, they form to my feet and when they get super filthy I can just toss 'em in the washer and they look brand new again!

Way Comfy!, 21st Apr 2013

Reviewer: Alex P

I tried these on and fell in love! I honestly expected discomfort and was very surprised how well they fit!

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Holy Smoke!, 22nd Jul 2012

Reviewer: Chell Hart

My friends call these my Jesus sandals because they are the only shoes I take to the beach and the river. My favorite part- they don't get heavy when they get wet and the sand doesn't stick like with normal shoes! Perfect!

Summertime Sandals!, 1st Jul 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

I just got a pair of these awesome comfy things and I'm so grateful i did! Super durable rope sandals, Trucking around in these things make walking a piece of cake. They don't go inbetween your toes which is nice... i dont like things in between my toes, and they're super hippie style, which will match so much of my dresses and outfits for summer time. =D Can't wait to see how many years these things will last!

Comfort is key, 14th Apr 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

These are the most comfortable sandals known to man! And they will last forever!! I have a tan and black pair, black ones are perfect for camping and outdoor activity-with no sweat, blisters or discomfort. The Tan is great for out walking around, keep your feet nice and cool, and stylish. Simply wash if they get dirty. Best part? They form to your feet like Birkenstocks!

better than flip flops!, 27th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Kat Montpart

I absolutly love these sandals. they are perfect for summer to waer everywhere. I love them because i live right on a marina and I can slip them on and off as I please and walk in the water with them on and not have to worry about them slipping off and floating away in the river. Another plus is I can wash and dry hem with out them shrinking :)

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