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Smokin Js has what you need for your smokin lifestyle. We have ashtrays, cigarette holders, diversion safesgrinders, pollen boxes, lighters, 420 scopes, odor eliminators, and even scales. Smokin Js has a complete line of every smoking supply you need to make life easier. One of our most popular lines of stash jars is the 420 Science Jars. We have several sizes and styles. 420 Science is a leader in the smoking industry. What about rolling supplies? Yup, Smokin Js has everything from the popular Raw Rolling Papers to every size of rolling machine. We even have the popular Randy's Wired Rolling Papers and Juicy Jays Flavored Hemp Papers. Do you like a little flavor with your herb? We have all the popular Tasty Puff flavors to bring extra taste to your herbs. Do you need a grinder? Smokin Js has every type of grinder, from our own Grinder Cards to our 4 Piece Pollen Catching Grinder. Every option you need to grind and roll. Smokers everywhere are discovering the beauty and purity of lighting up with the all natural Hemp Wick instead of a butane lighter.

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