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Silicone Water Pipe Rasta


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Rasta Model.

Bendable, but not breakable! This 14" tall food grade quality silicone water pipe is the perfect tool for your rough adventure!

Each model comes with an ice catcher and glass sleeve and slide. Plenty of colors to choose from, just use the drop down menu above to select your color.

The silicone water pipe is amazing, but with the glass sleeve and slide you still get the taste and performance you desire from a quality glass water pipe.

The sleeve and slide are easily removable making this piece the perfect traveler. They didn't have this cool piece in the 90's!

Customer Reviews

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Orange, 23rd Mar 2017

Reviewer: Winston M.

My favorite color is orange and I have a bad habit of breaking my pieces and when I found this silicone bong that was orange I could have sworn I died and gone to heaven. This is one of the best things to happen to me besides being born, and it's still pretty close

why is this just now a thing?, 26th Nov 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J

I am seeing these everywhere and it no wonder why. Every smokers biggest pet peeve is breaking there piece. This negates that from ever happening.It suctions to practically any surface,it glows in the dark, it tastes and performs just as well as any 100% glass piece.

Glowtastic, 8th Oct 2016

Reviewer: Brian K.

It glows in the dark and my dummy friends won't break it. Ever.

Fool proof cleaning, 4th Oct 2016

Reviewer: Brianna

cleaning is as simple as putting it in the freezer for a short amount of time; giving the whole pipe a strong twist and watch the resin material flake off the surrounding silicone the same way ice flakes off of an ice cube tray.

Green Glow!, 12th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Christine G.

Best Party Pipe ever! Love that it sticks to the table and even better it has an ice catch! I'd give it 6stars if it were an option! Might have to get its sister Blue Glow in the dark! Love it!

Blue Glow In the dark!, 22nd Aug 2016

Reviewer: Xavier S.

This water pipe is quite extraordinary!. The diffuser down stem is the bubble downstem so you can get alot of smaller smoke bubbles! Plus there's the ice catcher to help smooth the smoke. but yes its a light blue glow in the dark which i absolutely adore so much. even better it can get stuck on a glass surface very easily which is awesome when i bring it over to a get together smoke sesh!

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