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Silver Fumed Banger Hanger Bubbler


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Down from $69.99!

- Silver Fuming for a nice color change
- 6" x 5" in size perfect for on the go or at home
- 10 slit shower head diffusion perc
- 14mm female built in banger hanger easily works for flower or oil
- Bent neck egonomics
- Shower head is welded to the bottom for extra durability

This banger hanger water pipe rig does not come with a slide or banger. The design makes it perfect for any smoker. You get to customize it to be your favorite water pipe for flower or rig for oil. Quality from top to bottom on this piece. From the silver fume to the double weld shower head perc, this bad boy is meant to last.

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For years we watched as more and more retail stores sold Chinese made glass and claimed it as American made. This dirty game leaves consumers unsure as to what is made by a local glass blower and what is imported.

We at Smokin Js have always operated by listening to our customers and selling what they want. The requests for more affordable glass were to strong to resist any longer. But we want to sell the imported glass with responsibility and clarity.

We stand behind the modest selection of imported glass that we sell. We only pick high quality glass without defects to sell to you.

Of course we encourage you to purchase one of the hundreds of glass pieces made by local American glass blowers available at Smokin Js. Purchasing American made glass helps everyone in our community.

Customer Reviews

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Fumed all the way, 10th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Cassandra D.

I love the wide base, it almost keeps it in its place a little better. I've only really had small tiny pieces before that like to roll around or fall over, so this is a nice sturdy upgrade!

Amazing chug for buck, 9th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P.

Lil chugger. Bought it for the homie on their birthday. Hits better than some of my expensive pieces. the whole chamber fills with bubbles for a little travel can that could. Plus they arnt great at keeping their glass clean so when it fills in it turns from the yell to a purple/amber.

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