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Pocket Bub

Small Pocket Bubbler Hand Pipe


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5" Long
1" Diameter tubing

The amazing pocket bub! Yes, this little hand pipe is specially designed to hold water and not spill in your pocket! The mouth piece has an internal perc that is simple enough, but the genius is in the stem placed directly in the mouth piece. With the right amount of water the mouth piece stem prevents any spillage.

Just the smallest bit of water makes a big difference coolong and filtering your smoke. You will love this pocket bub.

Officially made in the USA! These piocket bubs are amazing. Several colors available. Be sure to make your color request in the comments box at checkout.

Looking for something even smaller. Check out the Micro Pocket Bub available at Smokin Js.

Customer Reviews

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A CHUBBLER, 23rd Apr 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J

I haven't seen one of these in years! Saw it and immediately needed it. I have always liked having a compact water filtrated device but standard bubblers are so hard to ash out without spilling water. These are the perfect mix between a regular pipe and a bubbler. No spilling water or ashes on yourself ever again.

Favorite piece ever, 15th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Aelicia B

I love that its compact and won't spill. Like having a bong in your pocket. The hit is always so smooth. Thanks for the awesome glass.

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