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Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter


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The tried and true Smoke Buddy! This personal air filter will keep your naty habits secret from neighbors, strangers, and loved ones.

The Smoke Buddy removes smoke and eliminates odor. Customers are amazed at the effectiveness of the Smoke Buddy.

Works like a charm!

Customer Reviews

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Scent Reduction, 23rd Feb 2019

Reviewer: Tecate J

Perfect for those nosey neighbors!

Apartment problem no more!, 24th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Aaron J.

I picked one of these up after doing research on residential smoking laws and figured out I'm in breach of contract. Now I'm safe and sound - and my smoking habits are kept to myself.

this works amazing, 26th Nov 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J

Whether you have your grandparents coming over for a visit or just trying to keep any impurities out of the air this is incredible. I have a friend who uses these because he enjoys cannabis but he owns a bird that is very sensitive to smoke. With this product he can still enjoy smoking in his own home and not risk the health of his animal.

Always take my Buddy with!, 23rd Jun 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

Traveling and a Smoke Buddy is a must. Most places don't allow smoking at all and if they do its a far, dark corner of the property. With my Smoke Buddy I can pretty much smoke anywhere and nobody will even know - completely absorbs the odor!

Appartment life, 30th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Aric F

For a Year and a half i used these in a smoke free apartment complex. They were never the wiser. between 3 people i was able to make one of these last a couple months at a time.

No Smoke No Mo', 9th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Nicole C

Lucky for me I live in a state where I can enjoy my cannabis. Recently I had to travel to a state that is not as lucky :/ In a state of panic I started trying to figure out different ways to hide the smell AND the smoke. I came across this guy, thought I'd try it out, SO glad that I did. After you exhale through the mouthpiece that's it! It's gone like you never even hit it! Ah-mazing, as you would imagine I had an amazing trip and kept my smoke to myself :)

Appartment?, 17th Sep 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Perfect for keeping your apartment smelling and your neighbors complaining. No one will ever know! And these last what seems like forever! No smoke or smell!

My buddy's got my back!, 4th Sep 2012

Reviewer: Nicole Buel

These Smoke Buddys are the best! Never fails to keep my car and room smoke smell free. I can always count on my buddy!

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