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Spinning Top Carb Cap


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Form and function meet in this great little carb cap! The spinning top will help regulate the smoke production of your banger, and it will entertain you after you've finished your bowl.

Each spinning top carb cap is made with translucent color glass. Fume work and color work at the top set each one apart. Each one if perfectly balanced and designed to spin like a top and entertain you for hours.

Fun game: Smoke your bowl, cap it off, and then see who can spin the top for longer. Ready, set, go!

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Gotta give a hand to Stabhand, 13th May 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P.

One of the best carb caps Ive ever owned, and Ive owned alot. Most of mine have broke of the years because its a piece of glass being picked up every single time i take a dab and accidents happen lol. Ive dropped this guy a ton and no breaks. Love how thick it is and love the color. Def my new all day carb cap.

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