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Tap Dat Pipe Ashtray


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Tap Dat Ash is the last ashtray you'll ever buy! It is constructed of durable, heat-resistant silicone rubber. Tap Dat Ashtray is ideal for the discerning aficionado of glass pipes. Tap Dat Ash is dishwasher safe, resists temperatures up to 600 degrees F, and won't crack or shatter. It was specifically designed to carry and hold matches, wicks, lighters, bowls, and other smoking supplies and accessories.

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Best ashtray, 22nd Oct 2017

Reviewer: Zack C

This is by far the best ashtray I've ever purchased. Its so easy to clean and I never have to worry about it falling off the table and breaking

the ash master!, 5th Feb 2013

Reviewer: Alex P

Love this! No more chipped bowls for this guy! I poked a little hole on mine so I can burn incense in it, too!!

tap it plz, 30th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Josh Brown

This has to be the coolest ashtray in the world! first I can tap my pipe on it as hard as I want and dont have to worry about it breaking. Second it can hold my bowl pieces and all kinds of awesome other things that make it into my ashtray.The fact that I can just throw it in my dishwasher and clean it is so handy.

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