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ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Vape Pen


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This unit is so sick. The design team at #thisthingrips listened to the feedback from the launch of their first unit design, and came up with a whole new game changing vape pen. There is a reason Smokin Js only carries #thisthingrips vape pens, because all others are fakes, frauds, or rip offs. There is no better pens on the market, and nobody can beat the pricing on the #thisthingrips pen line-up.

The brand new "rig" vape pens feature the following:
Compact design that fits in your pocket. Try that with your oil rig set-up at home. Adjustable airflow so you can customize the rips to your personal preference or mood. A complete silicone home base that not only comes with your unit, but acts as the Rig tool shed. The variable temperature battery allows you to use the rig while you charge. The rig vape pen actually has a silicone dish built into the bottom of the unit!

#thisthingrips has listened to customer feedback and actually improved a near perfect design from the first series of vape pens.

It's all about the coil right? The OG Four 2.0 comes with the Lava Quartz Dual Ti Coil. It's not patent pending, it's patented! The Lava Quartz provides a richer flavor to come out of your concentrates while the design maintains the perfect temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Rig in the palm of your hand!, 20th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

I've been a fan of stok products for quite awhile now but this definitely takes the cake. Hands down I personally believe this is the best concentrate device available on the market. The 1 gram stash container at the bottom was such an innovative idea it blew my mind. The rips you get from this are so massive when I hit it with plenty of material loaded on the highest temp I start dying in about a 3 second pull.

this thing rips, 25th Jul 2017

Reviewer: Christopher P

i was very surprised how this rig pen hits gives me a hit of a dab rig everytime i love it. Huge step up from the smaller pens if i must say.

Pocket rig, 25th Jun 2017

Reviewer: Nicole C

I've had stok pens in the past and they're great. They stepped it up. I'm getting huge hits and I can pick of I want a high or low temp hit. The storage container on the bottom is cool too. Everything in one place makes it easier.

uff-da, 23rd Jun 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P

This device really surprised me. Hits with the smoothness of a pen but with clouds that a real Dabbing rig would give off. Felt like I was blowing out one of those clouds that the vape mods can put out. This thing is gonna revolutionize how dab pens are looked at.

#ThisThidhRipslikeARig, 22nd Jun 2017

Reviewer: Dave R

This pen is perfect! As someone who has primarily consumed through a rig, this pen surprised me by how smooth it hits while still producing rig like hits.

four2.0, 9th May 2017

Reviewer: Frederick W

Great service, pen works great. Big Rips, Buy one you will love it.

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