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White Hydro Gel Diffuser Beads with Doob Tube


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At Smokin Js, our business isn't just about big pipes and fancy vaporizers. We are always looking for ways to innovate and bring value to all of our products large or small.
Introducing the Hydro Gel Diffuser Beads.
- Non Toxic Polymers
- Safe on Glass
- Disposable
These little beads expand into large beads that help break up and smooth the smoke for a cleaner and healthier intake. The price can't be beat for our gels, and they come with a Doob Tube. Great Value! Each pack contains enough Hydro Gel Diffuser Beads to fill any standard water pipe.

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these are crazy cool!, 26th Oct 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J.

I put about 20 or so of these in my straight tube beaker. I was dumbfounded when I came back an hour later to see each one swells up to about the size of a marble. These add some great perc to your standard water pipes. They also are just more appealing to the eye then just having plain water. The smoothness in the drag is increased greatly as well

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