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Now Accepting Crypto Currency - Smokin Js

Now Accepting Crypto Currency

Smokin Js - Online Smoke Shop - Now Accepts Crypto Currency

Whoa!  Pretty cool right!  Back in 1997 we were writing every transaction down on a piece of paper, and using a simple one button cash register.  No, we aren't so old we were using an abacas.

But now here we are in 2021.  We have point of sales systems on iPads in our physical retail stores and fancy automated online payment processing online.  It is amazing how technology has developed over the past 23 years!

At Smokin Js our philosophy in the pipe industry has always been about cutting edge glass pipes, and building technology to support our glass blowers and the Smokin Js community.  The impetus of the entire business is freedom and independence.  We support freedom and independence for ourselves, and our glass blowers.

In 2021 what could represent freedom and independence more than crypto currency?  A decentralized method of exchange transferring our products into your hands.  This year we have even started paying our glass blowing artists in crypto currency.  Allowing you to pay in crypto currency is completing the amazing circle.

As with all new things, there may be some bumps in the technological road, but we are committed to serving you and your smokin lifestyle.  Accepting crypto currency is just the latest innovation.

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