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The New Js Faves Product Collection - Smokin Js

The New Js Faves Product Collection

We created a new product collection recently to help and serve our smokin community.  It’s called Js Faves.  We have 23 years in the pipe and alternative culture industry.  Wow, since 1997, we are old af at Smokin Js!  People specifically some to Smokin Js for advice, tips, and tricks with smoking devices.  We get it all the time at the Smokin Js sales counter, “Which one do you like?”  This information is harder to convey on digital platforms.  We thrive at our stores face to face, and we have built an amazing reputation as the go-to knowledgeable source for honest information in our local community smoke circles.

We aren’t robots or sponsored surrogates at Smokin Js!  We are real tokers, just like you.  With our 23 years of experience toking and testing all the latest products to come onto the market, we have built a human knowledge base of information.  Each member of the Smokin Js crew is a supporter and participant in the alternative smoking scene.  We leverage the experience of our canna-crew to sift out the junky gimmicks, and always bring the dopest tried-and-true smoking products available.

The Js Faves new product collection is intended to bring this knowledge from the counter to our digital platform.  All the products added to this collection are tested and given the big thumbs-up from our product testers and our customers.  You are sure to appreciate and love anything in this collection.  From little hard to find tid-bits that will take your smokin lifestyle to the next level, to vetted bongs and rigs, this collection has it all!

And never forget:  We are here to serve!  If you want to tap our 23 years of experience directly you can text or call us at (360) 747-1883.  We are always ready to put the best device that matches your needs in your hands.

Jay Fratt

I'm the Jay in Smokin Js. What a long strange trip it's been. Since 1997. Anything can be achieved with hard work and the right attitude. I am passionate about soccer, economics, podcasting, politics, and cannabis culture. I believe logic and common sense can solve any problem.

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