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Silver Fumed Beaker

Original price $99.99 - Original price $99.99
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$99.99 - $99.99
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12" Tall

14mm Slide

You can't beat M&M Tech on bang for the buck!  This is another high quality American Made water pipe that won't break the bank, but you get all the function and style of high priced bongs.

 - Silver Fuming:  This chameleon glass pipe will turn blue and purple as it gets dirty.  Its a color changing hand blown glass pipe!

 - Hybrid Slide:  Each one comes with the custom M&M Tech 14mm slide that gives the function of a funnel bowl with the look and feel of a push bowl.  Push bowls always get impossibly dirty inside.  The M&M Tech hybrid slide is welded so that no grime gets tucked up into your bowl.

 - Diffused Sleeve:  Each M&M Tech beaker comes with Made in the USA custom diffused water pipe sleeve.