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3D Reticelo Fumed Hand Pipe

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$44.99 - $59.99
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Thick.  Elegant.  Amazing.

Use the drop down to select the shape that fits you.

 - Monarch Twist - 4" long with a cool ribbed twist

 - Harvest Hammer - 4.5" long, a beefy daily driver

 - Monarch Sherlock - 4.5" long with that elegant sherlock bend

It's so hard to take pictures of these pipes because the subtle detail is what sets them apart.  These are amazing color changers.  Greg of Synthesis Glass out of Portland, Oregon is a master of the subtle ghost fume.  The inside out ghost fume turns amazing three dimensional colors.

Each one has a reticello at the head with incredible fine detail work.  Think about laticino cane work tied up in knots.  That's a reticelo.  Plus Greg adds perfect fuming behind each reticelo so there is a color and depth change to this intricate piece as you smoke through it.

Thick beads, extended carb .... yeah, USA all the way.  Great pipes!

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