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Claim Catch Water Pipe


14" Tall
18mm Connection

By smokers for smokers. That's the motto behind this mad scientist creation by Williams Glass.

This thick beaker water pipe has an advanced feature great for oil or flower smokers. Each one comes with a custom downstem that works in two ways.

First: Put a little water in the bottom of the ash catcher. It works great to keep the ash from a flower bowl in the ash catcher under the slide instead of in the water chamber clogging up the matrix slit perc.

Second: The dry ash catcher can be used as a reclaim catcher when used with oil concentrates.

Each matrix slit perc has 12 hand cut slits. The ash catcher stem is a 14mm bowl connection. Each water pipe comes with a 14mm funnel slide.

Could be your favorite future daily driver. Try it out.