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Copper Electro Formed Hand Blown Glass Pipe

Our Scott Sherrell Cherry Glass colab is now only $69.99 on a clearance special. Why should custom work and heady glass cost so much? Smokin Js has teamed up with Scott Sherrell and Cherry Glass to create a custom heady hand blown glass pipe with custom copper electroforming. The result is this 4.5" long hand blown glass super color changer with flashy matching copper electroforming on boths sides of the maria. This piece is fumed with gold and silver with a swirling design throughout the pipe. We call it a super color changer because without color laid down to obscure the master fume work, each piece will go through wild changes when you use it. From greens to golds to blues and purples. You will see why Smokin Js brags on our master glass blower Scott Sherrell;) Many times copper electroformed pieces have too much copper, and it takes away from the design of the pipe. We created these custom hand pipes specifically to go with the copper electroformed accents. Each one has many layers of color changing depth, and the copper electroforming matches and flows with the design of the piece. These pieces turned out fantastic, and you will only find them at Smokin Js! Another Smokin Js original;)

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