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Custom Color Banger Hanger


8" Tall
14mm Female Connection

Hand blown by Williams Glass, Made in the USA USA USA.

CFL Hulk: Made by Greasy Glass
It appears to be purple/pink under fluorescent light, and a yellow/grey under sunlight.

UV Illuminossity: Made by Glass Peace
UV Illuminossity changes color under a black light. The green color accents glow like they are radioactive under a black light, pretty cool.

CFL Pastel Potion: Made by Glass Alchemy
Pastel Potion is a purple color under flourescent and a subtle yellow/green under sunlight.

CFL Pastel Serum: Made by Glass Alchemy
Pastel Serum is a pink color under flourescent and yellow under sunlight.

Orb Shape: Orb dab rig is elegant and beefy. The thick base is a 1/2" thick. The drop down matrix inline perc uses 12 custom hand cut slits to chop up the smoke with diffusion filtration.

Pillar Shape: 1/2" thick base giving it a sturdy stance and weight. The inline perc has six hand cut slits creating a smoke cutting diffusion machine. The banger hanger has a sexy curve down the water chamber with an extra weld you don't get from imported glass.