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Heady Eyeball Natty Perc

Original price $499.99 - Original price $499.99
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$499.99 - $499.99
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8" Tall

14mm Female Ground Joint

All unique.  The one pictured is the one you get.  Use the drop down menu to select your next favorite dab rig.

Boom.  Leviathan Glass just dropped some monsters on Smokin Js.  These custom heady dab rigs have all the style and function to be the envy of the smoke circle.

Glow in the Dark Eyeballs!  Yes, every one of these eyeballs on these custom dab rigs glows in the dark.

14mm Ground Joint.  Don't get left out in the cold with an odd 10mm ground joint size!  Dale with Leviathan Glass custom made these with a 14mm ground joint so you have all the options of quartz nails available.

Natty Perc.  Subtle secret smoker science says that natty percs are the best percs for small dab rigs.  The size of the water chamber mixed with the lack of restriction helps create a chugging perc effect as well as helps keep your dab rig clean.  Less clogs with less percs!