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NDulge Hemp Oil Soap

by NA
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New! Lavender Cedar Leaf Print NDULGE Body Spa Hemp Oil Soaps brought to you by NALI Natural Body Care Products.

NALI Natural Body Care Products searches the globe for the finest natural or organic skin care ingredients available. NALI buys Fair Trade raw materials including nutritious oils, butters, salts, and botanicals to create the exclusive vitamin and mineral-based NDulge Body Spa Product line.

Cleans pores and exfoliates, nourishes, and moisturizes skin. **Safe for all skin types.

Pure Hemp Oil in 100% Vegan Glycerin with Dead Sea and Himalayan Mineral Salts, Arnica Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera. *Contains no CBDs

Hemp Oil - Softens skin; High in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; Anti-bacterial; Omega and Linoleic Acids, Promotes healing

French Lavender Oil - Calming; Anti-anxiety; Anti-bacterial; Anti-depressant; Anti-insomnia

Lemongrass Oil - Anti-inflammatory; Anti-insomnia; Anti-spasmodic, Anti-fungal; Antiseptic

Arnica Oil - Anti-spasmodic; Alleviates minor aches, muscle and joint pain; Anti-inflammatory, Promotes circulation

Mineral Salts - Detoxing; Increases circulation; Natural exfoliate; Contains 35% Magnesium, 42% Potassium, 22% Calcium, and almost 100 trace minerals

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