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Nectar Straw


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7" Long

This isn't your average nectar straw. Bill Sowers redesigned the straight tipped nectar straw into this amazing new creation.

Instead of the straight opening at the tip of the straw, Sowers Glass creates an opening on the side. So when you heat up the tip of the glass, the opening acts as a hood for the vape oven.

We tested this new design and were amazed at the ingenuity and innovation in the design.

When using a glass nectar straw there are some best practices to ensure long lasting durability:
 - Don't use a big torch.  The big torches heat up the glass too much nearing the melting point.  The glass products have been through a kiln so they are hardened and can break when reheated to the melting point.  Always use a hand torch or regular small torch lighter.
 - After heating and using, you have to make sure to burn off all residual oil that may have attached to the glass section of the straw where you heat it.  The oil will bond with the glass after cooling down, and thus when you reheat on the next use, there is a higher likelihood of cracking or breaking.

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