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Pendant Dab Rig

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Original price $99.99
Current price $69.99

Unbelievable special clearance price on these super cool pendant rigs by M&M Tech. 30% off down to $69.99!

Proof that good things come in small packages!

Pendant rigs are great for the dabbing traveler, or for showing off your beautiful, functional, glass art jewlery.

M&M Tech knocked it out of the park with this one on affordablility and function. This mini bell bottom pendant rig stands about 6" tall. Simple, yet elegant look with a clear base, black neck, purple accents on the mouthpiece, and a small dichroic magnifyer bead on the back.

Each pendant rig has a 10mm male joint and a fixed downstem with four diffusion holes. To provide you with a truly unbeatable dabbing experience, we added Chris Schuler's Quartzcastle domeless nails to each one of the pendant rigs.

And for only $69.99, that's a steal!

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