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Pineapple Water Pipe

by NA

Slide: 18mm
13" Tall

Whether you live in a pineapple under the sea, or just want to smoke out of one, this is the piece for you! Super thick from the base to the neck, this pipe is as chunky as it is funky. The pedestal base provides excellent stability for the big barrel style chamber. The highlight of the piece is the unique 7-hole percolator shaped like a pineapple! Standing at just over a foot tall this water piece will deliver huge smoke for flower, or smooth clouds for your dabs.

Includes an 18mm male funnel bowl, but the banger hanger style ground joint makes it perfect for attaching your favorite style nail. Whether it’s time to upgrade your percolation, or you just need a fresh piece of glass in your life, this water pipe is a solid addition to every collection.

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