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Schuler Frit Base Oil Rig

Sold out

7" Tall
14mm Female
Comes with Universal Quartz Castle 14mm set

The base is stable and nearly a half inch thick! Each one comes with a unique frit pattern in the base. The function and design of this rig comes after years of listening to customer reviews. First the inline perc has a large chamber below the ground joint to act as an oil catcher built-in reclaim. Second the size is perfect for your daily driver. A nice sized water chamber with a bent neck mouth piece is a favorite among daily tokers. Finally each piece comes with a Chris Schuler invented Quartz Castle domeless nail set. The 8 slit domeless design and ample surface area is a customer favorite. And the set comes with the custom 14mm seat so that your Quartz Castle rests stable and firm on your rig.

The rig itself is the quality you expect from master glass blower Chris Schuler. This unit employs Chris' latest claim catcher diffused downstem, and his amazing futuristic triple disc mouthpiece.

Each one is a work of art. Let us know if you would like to see pictures of current stock. This is a limited edition series, once they are gone, they are gone for good.

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