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Slime Barrel InLine to Double Cross Diffused Water Pipe

by Mr Flow
Sold out

JM Flow scientific glass blowers have created a new company with definate style and innovation.

This is our most exquisite JM Flow hand blown glass water pipe that we carry. It's all Slimed out with matching Slime accents at the mouth piece, foot, perc weld, and of course the beautiful barrel perc and double cross inline perc are made out of Slime glass.

The precision crafted water pipe starts with a 19mm glass on glass bowl connection, into an in-line barrel cut diffused water chamber, followed by a double cross unique diffused water chamber, and topped off by a unique JM Flow multi hole disc ice catcher.

Slap a mass marketed fake name brand on this piece and it would sell for $700, but it is only $499.99 through JM Flow and Smokin Js!

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