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The Best Glass Blunt

Sold out

5" Long Closed
7" Long Fully Loaded

The best glass blunt ever? Ever Ever?
YES! I have sold glass blunts for over 14 years, since they came onto the market. This is the best glass blunt I have seen because of three things:

1. The Function
It's all about the grommet that keeps the internal and outer piece of glass together. They got the grommet perfected! The slide action is firm and yet unrestricted. Other glass blunts tend to be too easy or too stiff making the handling awkward.

2. The Style
The simple gold fume is perfectly applied to create a classy body. Each one has irredescent clear wiggle work to the outer tub to prevent rolling and adds that extra bit of flare.

3. The Details
The best glass blunt has a pinch in the inner tube to keep the herbal material where it belongs. Other glass blunts often tend to suck the herb into the internal tube. Just to top things off, the glass blowers also crimp the mouth piece for more comfort on the lips and easier one handed function.

Yes, The Best Glass Blunt Ever!