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Wig Wag Banger Hanger Oil Rig

by PRC
7.5" Tall 14mm Female Ground Joint Includes 14mm Male Slide Form function and value all intersect at the creation of this banger hanger oil rig. Form: Clean and sleek lines with a wig wag reversal on the body of the bubbler that matches the clay red mouthpiece. Function: Bend in the neck to assist distance in the burning process. Common 14mm female 90 degree banger hanger. Strong double welds for durability. Inline 5 hole diffusion to break up and filter the smoke. Hole diffusion is widely thought to be more efficient and better at filtering the smoke versus slit diffusion. Value: Only $69.99 at Smokin Js. Even though the water pipe is meant to be an oil rig, we have included a flower slide to top off the piece. Some of us still like flower you know! #enjoy Free shipping on all orders over $100 ... Get a 14mm Quartz Banger to go with it.