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XL Quartz Banger Cyclone Cap Terp Set

by NA

Pure Quartz
Male 14mm
45 Degree Angle

Complete set comes with:
- Beveled Flat Top XL Banger
- Cyclone Carb Cap
- Two Terp Pearls

A complete set that will take your dab game to another level. Most carb caps you have to manually move the carb cap around to push the terp pearl or oil across the surface of the banger. This new innovative cyclone banger set is design to assist you in creating a swirling motion from the carb cap.

Versatility is key from this set. The carb cap has to carb spots. One goes into the bubble cap chamber to the cyclone holes. Another is a straight shot down the bubble cap. This give you two control mechanisms to customize your air flow more so than any other carb cap on the market.

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