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13oz Smoke Exterminator Candle Cinnamon Apple


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Cinnamon Apple. Paraffin & soy blend. 13oz candle in enclosed glass jar. Expected burn time is 70 hours. Smoke odor exterminator candle is great for cigars, cigarettes and pipes. The enzyme formulated candle attacks and removes odors when burning.

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Never fails!, 11th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Tecate

Not only did this help cover the smoke but now I don't have to smell my buddy Royal's feet! Strong little candle this one is.

Sunshine in a Jar, 6th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Shanda K

'Rasta Love' - This is the first time I have purchased this candle; however this product does not fail to deliver. It doesn't cover the smell up. It actually eliminates the offending odor, the wick doesn't release too much soot, and it burns forever. Not to mention, this scent is amazing - Sunshine in a Jar! I cant wait to try the others!

actually works, 9th Sep 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P

Ive owned alot of "smoke odor" candles and for some reason none of them seem to work. This is the first one i bought that i didn't have regrets about later. Plus they smell amazing and have extremely potent scents. As an added bonus they burn FOREVER! Takes me a month or longer to kill one.

Better than Incense, 10th Jan 2017

Reviewer: Nicole C.

I've used Nag Champa incense for a while to cover the smell of my smoke but the sticks don't last as long as I'd like. This candle is IT. Not only does it smell just like the stick incence but there isn't all the smoke that comes with incense and it still covers all the smell. So glad I found these.

BOMB.COM, 17th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Natalia

At first I didn't believe this product would take away the stale pungent smoke smell out of my room but it did that and even more. My room now smells like a Jolly rancher and i friken love it!

Nose saver!, 17th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Natalia H

I have a large cat and an even larger litter box. If you are a cat owner you know where the issue lies. I've been searching for an odor eliminator that actually works and is long lasting but have had no luck until I purchased this product. It smells great and you wouldn't even guess that i have a cat living with me!

Perfection, 17th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Natalia

I love the smell of this candle, Its not too harsh like regular nag champa incense can be. A light aroma. This candle is perfect for my Mellow nights after work when I am trying to unwind, relax and take a breather.

smells amazing, 26th Nov 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J

I keep one of these burning in my living room as much as possible. It is a very pleasant aroma that is strong but not overbearing. Its constantly making my house smell fantastic and it lasts for a very long time!

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