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Scott Sherrell

Scott Sherrell Glass Banner
Scott Sherrell Brand Image

Scott Sherrell, one of the original members of the Phat Katz crew that first sold hand blown glass creations to Smokin Js …. Way back in 1997! He is a master glass blower who features old school wrap and rake art art with his talented fume work. His talent with glass comes with his amazing fume work, creating amazing color changing glass pipes. My favorite is his gold and silver fumed dot box hand pipes. I dub those “super color changers!”

He created the glass ash pipe for us many years ago, and it has become one of our favorite pipes to create for people. Only here can you create a hand pipe with your loved one’s cremated remains.

He makes just about every size and shape pipe, and each one is a unique creation made by hand. Scott is an avid member and participant in the motocross industry in the Portland area. We always “real people, real service, real American made glass.” Support your culture, buy American made!