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Js Faves

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We get it all the time working at Smokin Js, “What’s your favorite piece?”  With so many choices it’s hard to answer.  But we thought it was about time to pin our crew down, and make them choose.  You can find the entire collection below.

Jay's Fave

Jay - Oh my choice is pretty easy. I’ve owned the same water pipe since 1997! I love my Jah Creations 20” tall tube. It’s perfect for me ... I know just how to make it purr. Two aspects really make this pipe the perfect fit for me:
First, the height of the tube is perfect. 20” allows me to see the thickness of the smoke build up, and it is the perfect volume for a dosage I have become accustomed to. Second, the water chamber is just the right size to create a smooth filtering effect.
Unfortunately we do not sell Jah Creations water pipes from 1997 any more … lol. However, of all the pipes we sell, the Atlantis tubes match the size and old school artwork of my Jah piece. If anything were to ‘happen’ to my love of 23 years (no jinx no jinx), I would pick up an Atlantis tube for sure.

Kaela's Fave

Kaela - It was love at first sight! The Tank is the perfect name for this M&M Tech bong.  I had a great set up at home already, but I stalked this bad boy for weeks before finally caving in.  And I'm so glad I did!  It's my daily driver now, and I love the attention it gets during sessions with my friends. It’s a heavy tank!  I'm a sucker for a beaker bong, and this one had such an enticing perc! How do they get so many holes laced into this perc?  I've never had something that hits so smoothly, and then you can add ice too? Checkmate. It’s a smoke session super star!

Ali B's Fave

Alli - I have so much glass that I love love love.  It’s really hard to pick a favorite.  But there is one pipe I hold daily, and I cherish its form and function.  This little Scott Sherrell thumb carb mini bong is my daily driver :)  I love the compact design, color changing glass, and the super smooth hits I get.  The size of the bowl is perfect for my porch sitting smoke sessions.  There is a connection between my herb, the pipe, and the glass blower.  I love American made pipes because I know they are made by smokers for smokers.

Brianna's Fave

Brianna - My current favorite piece is this Pedestal Js Water Pipe 😍 I’ve been eyeing this piece for months because it’s SO thick, and inexpensive.  The style of it is very unique; I never see pieces that are this shape with the flat pedestal bottom, and yet have an ample bubble base water chamber. I finally bought it, and I literally could not love it any more than I do. It can hold SO much water, and the function is just amazing. It bubbles so much, and the hits are so clean and smooth. I reach for this piece anytime I want to smoke, not only because I love it, but because it makes me happy to smoke out of it! 10/10 amazing purchase and very thankful I have this piece now.