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Beyond Thick Smokin Js Beaker

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14" Tall

14mm Honeycomb Screen Slide Included

Go big or go home!  That was the motto we took into the design and creation of the next level new Smokin Js in-house beaker water pipe.  This bad boy is thick af, and has many features built into the design to be your favorite daily driver.


 - 9mm Thick Glass Tubing

 - Gathered 1/2" Thick Glass Base

 - Built-In Honeycomb Screen Large Bowl

 - Ice Restriction


First, let's talk about the thickness of the glass.  9mm thick heavy wall tubing was used to make these hand blown glass water pipes!  That's thick af, and it shows in the weight and feel of our custom creation.  Take a look at the pictures.  You can see the thickness of the glass gathered at the bottom of the beaker.  Also take special note of the triple thick ground joint.  The thickness of the weld is built to last.  It weighs almost three pounds!


Second, let's talk about craftsmanship.  At Smokin Js we only want our logo on the best quality.  We love the way our design came out!  Some beaker bottoms are rounded, and thus can roll or lack stability.  Not only is the beaker base gathered to improve glass thickness where it matters most, but the edges are more sharp than traditional beaker bottom water pipes.  This improves the sturdiness and stability of the water pipe.


Third, we have to show off the extra detail we incorporated into the water pipe design.  Many companies use an ice pinch to create an ice catcher feature in the water pipe design.  Depending on execution, this design is flawed in practicality and function.  We employed an ice restriction for our flagship water pipe model instead.  The thickness of the glass is maintained, and it works as well for crushed ice as well as cubed ice. 

Honeycomb Screen!

Fourth, any water pipe is only as good the bowl burning the herb.  We took one of our all-time best selling water pipe slides, and threw it on our new water pipe design.  It turned out amazing!  Our water pipe slide has a built-in honeycomb screen that works amazing with ground or full flower herb.  But wait, there's more!  Each bowl is large, and will hold enough herb for a large smoke session.  How did that Sir Mix-A-Lot song go?  "I like big bowls and I cannot lie!"  Yeah, that's it.  Us too.

Aesthetic Beauty!

Finally, we are biased, but the beauty and elegance of this water pipe is topped off with the Smokin Js logo.  We took the image of our logo, which looks like a flower and a water pipe blended together, and baked it into the base of the water pipe.  It's stunning on the backside!  And the Smokin Js logo letters with peace and flowers flows down the neck of this masterpiece.

You won't be disappointed with our latest glass creation.  It's so thick and beefy your could use it as a home protection device as well as your daily driver.  And of course, the other guys would put a $200 price tag on something so awesome.  But you are at Smokin Js, we don't roll like that.