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Glass by Nobody

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Glass blowing is an art wrapped in a passion wrapped in a business wrapped in a lifestyle.  All glass blowers find their own unique path to blowing glass. Tony has a true passion for creating magical hand blown smoking creations.  But one experience early in his glass blowing adventure set him off on his fiercely independent artistic adventure.

Tony is a nomadic glass blower.  His home is where his torch finds oxygen and propane.  With this lifestyle he would venture into random shops that sell glass pipes.  One day Tony found himself in a glass shop showing his artistic pipes for sale.  The shop owner was short with Tony, if not rude. No sale was to be made that day.  Fine, Tony was already used to the hard work of traveling sales. But on this visit as he exited the glass shop the owner took a shot at Tony.  He was asked “Who was that guy?” The shop owner responded … “Nobody!”

That was it!  That was the moment Tony found his monicker.  That was the moment Tony found his glass blowing mission.  He would become Glass by Nobody and set off to create the coolest, headiest, most unique hand pipes in the market.  And he would set out to offer these wonderful creations direct to the people at prices he sets to make sure everyone can afford a heady pipe.