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Pipe Cleaning Products

Worried about how to clean your fancy new multi-perc piece? Not sure your old pipe or water pipe is still usable after a little too long of a stay in the storage locker? Smokin Js has the best glass pipe cleaners on the market!  Plus the pipe cleaning tools to keep all of your pieces clean, shiny, and ready to smoke fresh.

From Orange Chronic to Res Gel, we carry the best liquid glass pipe cleaners on the market.  To augment your pipe cleaning mission we sell short and long flexible pipe cleaners that come in bristled & soft varieties.  These two tools combined will have your glass pipe shining once again from mouthpiece to carb hole.

Clean your pipe without rubbing alcohol!  Instead opt for environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners that leave your pieces shining with no residue or aftertaste!

We also offer oil concentrate specific cleaning products such as Orange Chronic 710 and Randy’s Black Label Snaps that make reclaim cleanup a snap!  Orange Chronic created glass cleaner for each type of utensil because the residue from an oil concentrate pipe is very different from a flower herb pipe.

Rez Block Concentrate is another great product that we recommend here at Smokin’ J’s! Simply put a few drops into your water pipe and you’ll notice how resin refuses to stick to the walls of your piece or percs. An essential for any glass water pipe cleaning setup. 

Our glass water pipe cleaners are effective, efficient, and easy to use!  Looking for help?  Check out our video on how to clean a glass hand pipe with Orange Chronic.