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Glass Hand Pipes

Let’s get this straight.  A glass hand pipe can also be called a dry pipe.  Hand pipes typically don’t use water filtration.  But it just so happens that Smokin Js makes a bubbler hand pipe.  So what the heck right?  Glass hand pipes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some hand pipes might take two hands to hold so fitting into your “hand” isn’t necessarily an apt descriptor either.  Glass hand pipes can also be called chameleon pipes because of their color changing abilities.  But not all hand pipes are color changers, and chameleon pipes can come in bubblers and water pipes too.  In the Midwest glass hand pipes are called glass bowls.  But every glass pipe has a bowl, and if you ask a Westcoaster to pass the bowl, you will get a glass slide instead.

What all that means is the glass hand pipe is one of the most flexible and misunderstood categories of pipes.  But in this flexibility comes the widest range of innovation, glass blowing technique, and shaping variety.  From inside out three dimensional pipes to opaque frit glass pipes.  From bent calabash hand pipes to two-piece side-car pipes.  From dichroic glass unique shiny hand pipes to dry pipes with creatures and sculptures molten into the glass.  At Smokin Js we like variety!  So we try to stock glass hand pipes that will fit in your hand, super color changing chameleon glass pipes, sweet shaped sherlock hand pipes, dragon shooter steamroller hand pipes, and yes we even make a bubbler hand pipe we call the Chubbler.  We also love to feature local American glass blowers as we have since 1997!  Check out all the pages of glass hand pipes we carry at Smokin Js, and even marvel at some of the amazing heady hand pipes we have on display.