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Chris Schuler Quartz Castle

Quartz Castle Banner
Quartz Castle Brand Image

Master glass blower Chris Schuler invented the Quartz Castle domeless nail. People all over the country love the quality and function of his invention. It's the most popular quartz nail sold by Smokin Js.

Chris hails from Shelton Washington where he blends small family farming with his glass blowing business. With his wife Mary, they make a dynamic duo of cool hippie living. They represent a wonderful piece of American community and culture Smokin Js is built around. Headshops and glass blowing go together like freedom and independence.

When Chris isn't pumping out Quartz Castles, he is blowing magical hand blown creations. His specialty is dab rigs. Check out the selection below. He is always coming up with a new flare to add to his dab rigs. I like the frit mandala based Zincite Crystal rigs. He blends the creativity of an old school glass blower with the precision of a scientific glass blower.