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Dragon Steamroller

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Dragon Steamroller Brand Image

The Dragon Shooter Steamroller with Advanced Choker Hole! The hand pipe was first developed by Phat Katz Glass for Smokin Js in 1997. The team perfected the tiny “Choker Hole” that radically redesigns everything you ever thought a glass steamroller pipe should be.

So what is a “Choker Hole”? The “Choker Hole” is a tiny pinhole, about the diameter of a toothpick, placed at the beginning of the steamroller tube. It allows air to flow into the tube during the smoking process. Think about it as a permanent carburetor. Air streams in and shoots the smoke directly from the Dragon’s mouth into your lungs. Without the “Choker Hole” the tube simply fills with smoke until you let off the single carb.

Now this is where things get weird! You can create smoke tricks with the “Choker Hole” by manipulating the two carbs. Throughout the years we have heard amazing reports from customers with different rolling techniques on the “Choker Hole” to create spirals and even rings. One thing is for sure, it is fun and entertaining to try and tame the Dragon Head Steamroller.

We are very proud to support local American Glass blowers. The Dragon Shooter Steamroller will always be an original Smokin Js pipe made in America! Ryan Brailey is currently creating the Dragon. His version of the Dragon Shooter Steamroller is thicker, and more durable than any other version we have made previously.  We also have double dragon glass bowls!