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Budd Bay

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Ryan Brailey, aka Budd Bay Glass, hails from the South Puget Sound region of Washington State. Smokin Js has carried Ryan's work for many years. He makes some of the best production inside out frit glass pipes available. Ryan stamps every one of his unique styles and pipes with a leaf bead. He makes every shape and style of hand pipe, and at an affordable price. We even collaborated with Ryan on one of our latest creations, the square steamroller hand pipe.

But he is no production glass blower! Ryan takes pride is his custom work, and his use of unique color combinations that set him apart. Check out the Orca Whale piece he made that won a glass blowing competition. It's a unique custom, and Smokin Js had it!"

We are all about community and culture .... And we are thankful to have local artisans like Ryan on our team.

Ryan loves to use frit to make his custom creations.  Check out more about frit glass pipes here.