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Tao Glassworks

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Tao Glassworks leading lady Kari comes from an artistic family. Growing up she had the opportunity to dabble in everything from painting and bead work to tattooing. Of all the places she found her inspiration with glass as Disney World where a gentleman flameworked a clear glass piano. She said, "It was so beautiful I knew I HAD to try it." After a lot of trial and error, Tao Glassworks was born in 2010.

Kary is a self taught glass artist! It has taken her several years, but in 2017 she made her first large glass sale. And now it is her full time job. She said, "It allows me to be creative and independent and literally work from home. I feel like the most blessed being on Earth!"

She credits her style to a love of bright colors, and her Grandma Loretta. Loretta operated a diner so Kary loves to create all kinds of little foodie creations with her glass sculpting.