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Heady Glass USA

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At Smokin Js we love to feature American Made Glass Pipes!  Since 1997 we have supported and featured American Glass Blowers.  Within the thousands of hand blown glass pipes we have purchased and sold throughout the years, there are always special pieces of glass art that stick out and distinguish themselves amongst the glass offerings.  These are the American Made Heady Glass Pipes.

What makes a Heady Piece of glass?  Often it is the glass blowing technique, or the glass blowers skill that sets a heady piece apart from others.  Glass fuming and sculpture techniques are always improving and finding innovation at glass blowers’ torch benches across the country.  Sometimes it’s the special or unique glass materials used in the glass blowing process that makes them special and heady.  Custom colors, UV reactive color rod, glow in the dark frit glass, and crushed opal tubing are examples of heady materials glass artists are able to create before the pipe production process begins.  But in the end, it is always the smoker’s experience and perspective that matters most.  At Smokin Js we understand that our opinion about glass only matters secondarily to the customer’s opinion.

In this collection of hand blown glass heady art pieces, you will find a variety of technique, material, and styles used by local American glass blowers.  From heady pendants to heady glass bowls, and custom worked heady water pipes, we have everything you are looking for in unique functional glass art that still maintains a value price point.