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The Perfect Vaporizer


It's here!  Smokin Js has created the Perfect Vaporizer!

 - Small Form aka Discreet

 - Three Temperature Settings aka Versatile

 - Magnetic Mouthpiece aka Easy Access

 - Better Taste aka Ceramic Heating Chamber

There are a ton of benefits to The Perfect Vaporizer.  First, the unit is small, hides in the palm of your hand!  Three temperature settings for a customizable vape experience:  Low for true vaporization, Medium for thorough vaporization, and High for riding the thin line of combustion.  Mouthpieces on vaporizers can be clunky and flawed.  On The Perfect Vaporizer we give you two options, flat plastic and extended glass, and they connect to the unit via sturdy magnets.  One of the most important features is the ceramic heating chamber that delivers the best taste and performance from your dry herb.

But wait there's more!  Smokin Js backs each vaporizer with a 60 day warranty.  And it's not through China, Germany, or Ireland, it's a warranty guaranteed by an AMERICAN company.

Each box contains:

 - 1 Vaporizer

 - 1 Flat Mouthpiece 

 - 1 Glass Mouthpiece

 - 1 USB Charging Cable

 - 1 Cleaning Brush

 - 1 Stir Tool

 - 1 User's Manual


Tips, tricks, and care instructions:

To get the most out of your Smokin Js Perfect Vaporizer, always grind your herb.  This allows the air flow to thoroughly vaporizer all the crystal molecules.  Never pack the heat chamber, fill the chamber with loose ground herb.  Use the cleaning brush on the mouthpiece screen after each use to keep optimal air flow.  It's super easy, not a difficult task.

You won't see any "smoke" or "vapor clouds" when you use The Perfect Vaporizer on the low heat setting.  This is because you are experiencing true vaporization.  The vapor released is clear.  On the medium setting you could see more "smoke" or "vapor clouds" because the process is moving closer to the burning temperature.  With the high heat setting, you will see "smoke" from the process as you have passed the line between vaporization and combustion.  It won't heat enough to ignite, but the dry herb will brown from the high heat.

How do I know if my dry herb in the chamber is spent?  Great question, especially if you use the lowest temperature setting.  It's all in the taste.  As you begin you will taste the quality of your herb.  When the ground dry herb in the chamber becomes spent, and sucked dry of all the crystal molecules, the taste turns to a "burnt popcorn" taste.  

One final note about the affects of vaporization.  The chamber is small, so keep this is mind when you load the chamber.  It doesn't take as much as a traditional pipe.  The benefit being that The Perfect Vaporizer will suck all the goodness from your herb without losing valuable crystals to the combustion process.  The process of vaporization also eliminates nasty butane, so the affects may start at your toes and work its way up your body, versus going straight to your head with impurities.

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