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18mm Male Thick Honeycomb Screen Water Pipe Slide


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18mm Male

This water pipe slide is thick! Each one comes with a honeycomb screen built into the large funnel bowl. Each one has a nice thick handle.

Use the drop down menus to select your size and gender. Smokin Js has everything for your smokin lifestyle.

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Great Bowl, 27th Mar 2019

Reviewer: Tecate J

Perfect size bowl and excellent way to keep my piece clean thanks to that sweet built in screen.

CSI: Crime Screen Investigation, 3rd Dec 2018

Reviewer: Cassandra D

This bowl should be a crime! It's perfect because I only use ground material, so this honeycomb screen helps keep my goods in the bowl and not sucked into the water. I like that my toker poker can poke through the screen to keep it clean too :)

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