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Custom Dichroic Marble Water Pipe


16" Tall

2" diameter marble
14mm Octobowl

Use the drop down menu to select the size of marble feature.

Try to find them anywhere else. #YouCant

Jay Frodo, founder of Glass Alchemy and Atlantis Glass stashed these beauties away several years ago. Hey, what hippie doesn't have a storage unit saving account? Recently he decided it was time to clean his closets, and Smokin Js was the first place he thought of to unload this amazing treasure of old school large marbled water pipes.

Each piece is unique. We have included enough pictures to give you an idea of the size of amazing each dichroic glass marble. One thing is certain, we won't be able to reorder any of these water pipes or marbles.

It is a first come first serve situation. Feel free to call or email to ask if the marble you want is still in stock.

Each water pipe has different extra features like sculptures or dichroic beads, silver fuming, diffused sleeve, and a 14mm octobowl.

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