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Custom Leviathan One Off Slide


14mm Male Slide

Each one is unique and a custom hand blown bowl by Leviathan Glass.

Use the drop down menu to select your special character.  Each one is unique and the one pictured.  Once they are gone they are gone!

Each one is a custom Leviathan creation.  They all use his amazing custom cross hatch four hole built-in screen flow bowl.  Each custom slide is a large thumb sized bowl.

These custom slides are a collectable series.  Heady glass made in the USA.  All day!

Gold Tooth Care Instructions: 

This is a heady custom slide.  It is a unique sculpture by Dale with Leviathan Glass.  Please use caution when handling or cleaning.  The gold is real 18 karat gold that has been enamel fired at 1100 degrees and is permanently adhered.  The gold is a very thin layer so the use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended.  With proper care and caution the gold enamel finish will last a lifetime.