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Dry Custom Ash Trap


14mm Male to Female Connection

This is the only one!  Special custom item ready for your collection.

Leviathan custom gold tooth grill, and glow in the dark third eye will give your piece character.

Cobalt tubing with gold fumed accents.  Green slyme spikes.  This is the only one.  It won't last long.

Gold Tooth Care from Leviathan:  Thank you for purchasing this unique glass sculpture from Leviathan Glass.  Please use caution when handling or, cleaning your new creation.  The gold is real 18kt gold that has been enamel fired at 1100 degrees and is permanently adhered.  The gold is a very thin layer so the use of the abrasive cleaners is not recommended.  Transporting your sculpture unprotected in a pocket or purse is not advised due to the hostile nature of these environments.  With proper care and caution the gold enamel finish will last a lifetime.