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Ghost Fumed Cob

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5.5" Long

I love everything about this pipe!

 - Ghost Fume Super Color Changer Chameleon Glass

 - Cob Style Shaping

 - Thick Sturdy Glass

 - Loads of Magnification Beads

Each one of these are made with master glass blowing techniques from PB of Torcher Glass.  Made in the USA!

He combines gold and silver fuming with inside out clear rod work.  What is created is a magical color changing array of shapes and colors once the pipe is used. 

Blues, Purples, Greens, and Golds all comes out when the pipe gets dirty.  But it's the inside-out three dimensional designs that really set this piece apart as a heady glass hand pipe.

The heady piece isn't just a color changer chameleon pipe, but an inside-out shape shifter as well.  The magnification beads act as windows into the layers on the inside of the glass pipe.

And all those magnification beads really give the pipe extra weight as well.  This piece is a thick glass pipe.  Sturdy enough to be your daily driver, and yet heady enough to be your signature glass pipe.