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Glass Pipe Screens 2 Pack

by NA
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$1.99 - $3.99
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2 Glass Screens in Each Package!

Use the drop down menu to select your favorite type of screen.

At Smokin Js we try to have it all!  Glass screens are a great tool for your smokin lifestyle.  They keep the ash from your mouth and create a reflective surface to help burn all your herb more thoroughly.

 - Glass Honeycomb Pipe Screen - This is our most popular type of glass screen.  They are round with many holes for air flow.  The flat nature create a more robust reflective surface to assist in the burning process.

 - Glass Daisy Flower Pipe Screen - These little guys fit in a wide variety of bowl sizes.  Air slides by on the sides.  This screen creates a little more air flow than the honeycomb counterpart.

One of the coolest things about the glass screens is that they will stick in your bowl after a few uses.  You will love them!