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Official Quartz Castle Domeless Nail


The QuartzCastle is a Smokin Js employee and customer favorite! Hand crafted by local Olympia, Washington glass blower, Chris Schuler in 2011, the QuartzCastle is the original quartz domeless nail of its kind. Chris has been blowing glass for over 18 years, and after years of trying to create that perfect dab, he designed the QuartzCastle to provide us with the best dabbing experience that glass has to offer. While many companies have tried to recreate this design, they don't have the quality and care that's put into each QuartzCastle.

The QuartzCastle is made from quartz infused glass, which is much stronger and can withstand much higher temperatures than standard glass. And quartz will allow you to enjoy a much cleaner, flavorful taste from your concentrates. The standard bowl shaped design has 8 slits around the center of the bowl creating an airflow that is unmatched by other domeless nail designs.

The direct inject design allows your concentrate to drip down into your piece instead of oozing all over your joints.
Available in three different sizes, the direct inject design allows each size to be compatible with both male and female ground joints, as well as have some extra flexibility for usage within those sizes. Also, each one comes in a QuartzCastle tube for protection. We highly recommend holding onto this, it's perfect to keep your castle safe during storage and travel!

18mm: Fits both 18mm male and female. Will also fit into a 14mm female ground joint.

Universal: Fits both 14mm male and female. Will also fit into a 18mm male ground joint, a 12mm standard pull bowl sleeve, or some people have even used it in tiny stemmed glass and ceramic bubblers by using the nail in place of the bowl, as it sits snug right inside of the grommet.  This universal model will even fit 10mm joints.

10mm or Micro:  Fits the smallest of rigs, and even slips into a lot of flower bubbler down stems.  These are also the replacement nails for the Chris Schuler Hybrid Bubbler Rigs.

Picking out the right nails and dabbing accessories can be hard. If you have any questions, or you're unsure what size QuartzCastle is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We want to you to have the best smoking experience possible.

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