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Psychedelic Inside Out Hand Pipe

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The Psychadelic Spoon is a trip! Completely hand blown glass spoon, with bright greens, blues, oranges, and yellows make for a color scheme that's out of this world.  Each pipe also has slyme green accent beads around the bowl. At 5.5" long, large bowl, and extended carb this is a great pipe for those with larger hands. Made with super thick glass, you can feel the quality. Omase Glass, aka Charlie Pearlman, specializes in using exotic colors. He searches low and high to find the most exotic colors to work into his hand pipes and water pipe slides. What he creates is traditional shaped pipes and bowls with unique colors rarely found in the glass scene. Check out Omakase Glass' complete selection through the Smokin Js blower/brand drop down menu, and you will see all the different colors Charlie uses like unobtanium, seredipity, alien tech, experimental green, Trautman slyme, and purple lilac.

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